Posted on September 18, 2022


Rt 106 begins or ends in Woodstock and runs north and south. Rt 12 passes through the town and runs north and south as well. Rt 4 runs east and west through town and is a major ski route. We have been to Woodstock many times. There are a lot of things to do. We have visited the many beautiful coverd bridges with Chuck and Sue. We have been to F.H. Gillingham’s and Sons while heading to Mystic Ct. On our way home from camping at Coolidge State Park, we stopped at Mountain Creamery on Rt 4 for breakfast. We were not disappointed. The village is rather ritzy but very picturesque. We hope to revisit the town and check out more things to do.

7/23/2023 Decided to go to Marsh-Billing-Rockefeller National Historical Park while heading home from camping at Mt. Ascutney. Saw and talked to Leslie Porter who worked at Branbury State Park when I was a photo intern for the Parks. She did a park wide awareness of the Emeral Ash Borer, where I followed her around taking pics. We showed up without a reservation and Leslie set us up with a leanto. On this day we took Tucker for a walk through the woods on the Rockefeller side.




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