Photo by: Jessamyn West

Membership Benefits

  • Complimentary membership for everyone in the subscriber’s household.
  • A subscription to three annual issues of The Wayfarer Club newsletter.
  • A personal profile page to track progress and record notes and pictures. 
  • Access to resources, information, and archival material that is only available to members.
  • An invitation to our fall Annual Meeting where you will hear from a guest speaker and meet other 251 Club members, as well as our spring get-together.
  • Various member discounts to help plan your trips!
  • (Please note, shipping prices are in the continental US. If you are looking to join from a different location, please contact us.)

Membership Fees

  • New and Gift Memberships: $22 for 1 year or $58 for 5 years. 
  • Renewal Membership: $12 for 1 year or $48 for 5 years. 
  • We also have 251 Club of Vermont gift memberships and merchandise.  If interested in seeing what we offer, please go to the “Shop” page. 
  • Please note, when signing up for a new membership Google Chrome works best. 
Photo by: Brenda Greika