Posted on September 10, 2021

Goshen is a long rectangle type parcel with a jagged East boundary line. Rt 73 runs East and West through the South end of the town. 73 is a beautiful mountain road that goes over the spine of the state. A great fall ride.

We have never looked for, or found the actual town of Goshen, but we have visited Moosalamoo Campground, which is on Forestry Rd 32.  FR 32 is a dirt road that goes through the GMNF and connect Rt 73 and RT 125. We want to camp at Moosalamoo someday. Sugar Hill Reservoir looks like a good place to explore while camping in the area

9/5/2021. Drove through Moosalamoo and looked for remotes sites while coming back from Chittenden Brook Campground. Found a few sites on FR 92

On 6/8 -9/2022 Bill Maynard and I picked one off the bucket list and camped at Moosalamoo. We traveled to paddle Chittenden Resevoir. On the way back I captured a few shots of the closest resemblance of town I have found to date. On the 9th we hiked down to Silver Lake and drove out to see Sugar Hill Resevoir which was drained and under construction. Great weekend in Goshen!



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