Posted on August 11, 2021

Sudbury is a long rectangular parcel of land with a jag jutting out it’s southwest corner, which encompasses about half of Lake Hortonia. Rt 30 runs north south along the more western side of Sudbury. Rt73 runs east west and is part of Rt 30 for a few miles. We have driven through here before on Rt. 30 and 73.

4/27/2021 We couldn’t help but notice the Town Hall. It stood so prominent and glorious in the Sunlight that it beckoned for it’s picture to be taken. On

4/28/2021 We put our kayaks in at the northern boat launch for Lake Hortonia. The lake lies within the borders of Sudbury and Hubbardton. It was a wonderful paddle and our first for the year.

7/6/2023 We were craving lemonade on a hot day while coming back from camping at Lake Bmoseen. We saw a sign for lemonade at the Sudbury Shoppe on RT 30, near Lake Hortonia. We have always wanted to stop but it never seemed open. We seized the moment and turned around for a huge deliciuos treat.

Sudbury Town Hall, Lake Hortonia. Sudbury Shoppe

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