Posted on August 11, 2021


Drove into WMA on South Africa Pond Rd. and thought it was the way to Lewis Pond. We were wrong but enjoyed the adventure. Drove through Wenlock Wildlife Management Area to get to West Mountain Wildlife Management Area. We took a right at the 1st Y and left at the 2nd Y. We drove about 5 miles before coming to a clearing and the end of the road. Back tracked to the 1st Y and continued on the “main road” for another 7 miles. Found some camps, 1 equestrian campground and a firing rang.


I felt inspired to drive out to the NEK and the Silvio O Conte National Wildlife Refuge. Hiked Moose Bog Trail off from South American Pond Rd. I encounterd the friendliest birds who circled and danced around my feet. At the trail’s end the birds reapeared and landed on my head and camera. Obviously they were being fed regularly but I have never experienced such a thing.

Later, after stopping at the refuge center in Brunswick, I returned to South African Pond Rd and located South African Pond. This pond is accesible by an unasuming 4×4 trail which I hiked in. I located 2 camps and a place to camp. It was one of the highlites of my trip.


Went to Maidstone with Mike n Kimberly and took Paul Stream Rd trying to get back to Newark. I didn’t know you could get to Ferdinand from there. We went as far as a damaged bridge and turned around. The road followed a stream and had some gorgeous views. According to the map, we should be able to get South Africa Pond from that direction. It would make for a great fall ride!







Wenlock Wildlife Management Area

First visited on 2020-09-09

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