Posted on August 11, 2021

Castleton is mostly a square parcel of land that consumes most of Lake Bomoseen. Rt 30 runs north and south along the lake. Rt 4 runs east and west through the lower partner the town.

We drove through on our way back from Chuck n Sue’s new house in Wells. Took picture of the Castleton Fire Dept sign. 4/27/21. We pedaled our bikes from Poultney to Castleton College (7.75 mile one way) on the D & H Rail Trail. 4/28/21 We stopped and had pie and coffee at the classic Birdseye Diner on Rt 4A. After that we crossed the street and shopped at Castleton Village Store. 5/29/2021 We discovered Robo’s Cremees and General Store while looking for a cremee stand. We were camping at Half Moon Pond. The next day we stopped in looking for garbage bags to put our wet gear in. They did not have any but the owner gave us 2 of his own. Ann promised that I would give them a plug in one of my blogs

7/4-6/2023 we camped at Bomoseen State Park after spending the night with Chuck n Sue. This trip was so Ann could finally camp with Tucker and I. It was also for her rest and mental health, after having to fire someone at work who was very toxic. We kayaked Lake Bomoseen with Tucker and then with Chuck n Sue when they came to visit for dinner. It was a very hot week. We swam in Glen Lake at 2 different spots to cool off. We also teturned for a cremee at Robo’s.


Birdseye Diner,Castleton Village Store, RobO’s Cremee and General store

First visited on 2020-12-13

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