Posted on August 11, 2021

Bethel is a diamond shaped parcel of land. I 89 and Rt 14 cut through the eastern corner. Rt 12 runs north and south in a diagonal direction through the middle of Bethel. In town, Rt 107, that runs in an east west direction intersects with Rt 12. We typically drive through this town when we are on I 89 or Rt.14.

On 9/30/17 we visited Gilead covered bridge.

7/10/21 captured Bethel town sign on Rt 107

9/3/22 we discoverd a 1 screen drive in theatre off of Rt 12 while on our way to camp at Coolidge State Park. Real attractive downtown district that I want to visit and spend time at.

9/5/22 we discovered a band shell dedicated to all who served. took a picture of it.

First visited on 0000-00-00

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