Posted on February 19, 2024

2/19/202 Vernon is a triangular shaped town. I 91 amd US 5 run north n south along the western side of it’s border. The Connecticut River acts as it eastern border. Yankee Nuclear Powerplant was a power source until it was dismantled. Dad helped build it when I was a kid.

Vernon was the second to last town that we picked off to complete the 251 club. February 19th was Presidents Day and we both had it off ( despite getting called in early ) We needed to get away! We too Rt 5 south until we found Tyler Hill Rd. We went all the way to the Massachusetts line and never saw a towm sign. We missed it heading south but we spotted it on our way north.


We took Governor Hunt road and discoverd a small little park that lead to a beach on the Connecticut River. A large hydro dam is in the background. We didn’t see or do much in this town.