Posted on August 10, 2023

Brattleboro is a jagged shaped parcel situated in the Southeast partnof Vermont and lies on the Connecticut River. It is the largest city in this area of Vt. Many roads intersect here. I 91 and Rt. 5 run paralell along the Connecticut River. Rt 9 ( east-west ), Rt 30 ( north-South ) and Rt 142 ( north-south ) all begin or end in Brattleboro.

Allen attended the Austine School for the deaf when I was little. Mom made the commute to pick him up on weekends. This was before the interstate system was complete. The commute was made shorter when dad worked in Vermon on the Vt. Nuclear Power Plant. We lived in Putney for a time and drove to Brattleboro often. I have very my little recollection of the town.


We decided to take the long way home after spending the night in Brocton MA. for Foreigner’s last concert tour. The concert was at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield.

We came in from NH Rt. 119 and crossed the Connecticut River. We instantly fell in love with the place. We parked the car by the railroad station and walked the town even though it was late. A nice water fall can be seen from the road leading into town. We stopped at Lucky Lansdownes Sports Merchantile and talked to the owner about my NASCAR collection. We were hungry and he recomended River Garden Marketplace for its great river view. We split a meal and looked around at the art work for sale.

We want to come back on Amtrak with our bikes and either stay at a hotel or Dummerston State Park. Exploring this town by footmor by bike is very intriguing to us.

#2- 5/25/2024

This is our second go around for the 251 Club, and our first town to check off the list. This. Stemmed from our desire to camp at a State Park we have not camped at yet.

On our way to Fort Dummer, in Guilford, for the Memorial Day weekend,  we stopped at the Brattleboro Farmer’s Market on Rt 9. It is just up the road from the Vermont Country Deli and the Creamery Covered Bridge.

The Market was busy but comfortable to walk aroround in. Tucker was with us so we had to take turns with him in the FJ. It had a real hippy feel, which took me back to the days of living in Putney as a young lad. I bought some duck eggs for camping while I was there.



We placed our signature 251 / MAD.P rock on a stone in the parkinglot of the famers market