Posted on November 5, 2022

Winooski ( Onion River ) is one of those towns we have been to so many times. We learned about Our House Bistro on National Mac n Cheese Day. We ordered Mac n Cheese take out; went to the Salmon Hole Park, and had a picnic. We have tried the Pho Dang Vietnamese Cafe on upper Main St. Going around the rotory during S.D. Ireland’s St. Patricks Day parade was always a big deal. Winooski was a huge mill town back in the day. Many of the buildings still exist and have been repurposed. The Chase Mill houses a vegan restaruant called Pingala Cafe and Eatery. We went there for the first time with Tom and Mel. It was pretty good so Ann nI have been back since. The Champlain Mill houses the Waterworks Restaruant where we went as a gift for Ann’s birthday. (11/3/22). There are many nature trails that follow the river. Ann n I walked to the uppper dam from the Champlain Mill on St. Patricks Day. I have a nice photo of her with the falls in the background. Deliverd many yards of concrete for the new apartment buildings along the water.