Important Information About Your 251 Club of Vermont Profile Page

Welcome to Your 251 Club of Vermont Profile page! A few important notes to keep in mind in regards to your 251 Club Profile Page.

First, The 251 Club has updated the electronic town checklist so that it now includes “Essex Junction City” and “Essex Town”. In doing these updates, the system may have inadvertently unchecked these locations on your town checklist.  Please double check these locations for accuracy.

Second, we would also like to make sure you are aware of our new photo and note policy. As we see an increase in the use of members’ 251 Club of Vermont profile pages, the Club needs to ensure that we have the storage capability for all members to continue uploading photos. Going forward, once members hit their individual photo storage limit, members won’t be able to upload further photos. However, if you reach the limit, you can delete some older photos if you’d like to add new ones.

Third, we also encourage all members to make sure they have backups of the photos and notes they store on the 251 Club website, as well as your town checklist,  since we are not able to guarantee permanent storage on our website.  In addition, if your membership expires you will not have access to the information, including photos, notes, and your town checklist, since access to your 251 Club of Vermont online personal profile is a benefit of an up-to-date 251 Club of Vermont membership.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Photo by: Anonymous