Since 1954, an organization of Vermont enthusiasts whose objective is to visit the state’s 251 towns and cities.

60th Anniversary of VT251 Club
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Sandra M. Levesque
100 Gilead Brook Road
Randolph, Vermont 05060
Phone: 802-234-5039

Marc Vance
Westmoreland, NH


Jack Carter
Waterbury, VT

Harry (Drew) Nelson
Williston, VT

Carla Hodgdon
Bethel, VT

John Dumville
South Royalton, VT

- - - - - - - - -

Hubie Norton
Essex Junction, VT

Brenda Greika
Montpelier, VT

George Hooker
Rutland, VT

Orah Moore
Hyde Park, VT

Mary Murphy-Blake
Moretown, VT

William H. Rockford, Honorary
Montpelier, VT

quoteYou folks have such great customer service! I can think of about a hundred organizations/businesses that could use your skills! Thanks very much and happy exploring.
Kim Greenwood - Duxbury, Vermont

quoteMy wife Cindy, my son Ben, and I really enjoy using our family's personal page on the 251 Club website. We appreciate being able to click on the various towns on our Vermont map to be certain that we have not missed any. Before we started using the website we occasionally missed a town or two along the way without knowing it. This personal map feature helps us to plan our trips better and track our progress. Thank you for all your work to make the site easy to use!
Mark Ballard - Bennington, Vermont

quoteI am sad to say that I need to have my name removed from your mailing list. This winter I moved back to Oregon after 10 wonderful years in Vermont. My family is here, new grandchildren and old friends, beautiful mountains and many miles of breathtaking coastal beaches.

However, in my heart I shall always feel part of Vermont. My experiences as a member of the 251 Club always involved a growing realization of the beauty and charm of Vermont's villages and back roads, but most of all the warmth and quirkiness of Vermonters. The winters made me tougher, the mountains made me a better skier, and most of all the serene out-of-the-way ponds fed my soul. I will truly miss it.

I proudly put my 251 Club decal on my car and hopefully people will ask me what it means so I can go into my Vermont rave.
Barbara Balseiro - Astoria, Oregon

quoteOur Vermont Magazine arrived last week with the story about the 251 Club. Enjoyed it so much. I've heard about the club in the past but did not know how to become a member. My husband and I are Vermonters but have lived in North Carolina for 25 years and many places before that, as he was in the army for 30 years. We have moved 22 times! I miss Vermont so much, but spend three to four of the summer months at Okemo Mountain. We are so glad to be part of the 251 Club of Vermont now and plan to start our road trips this year. Thank you so much.
Jean & Charlie Johnson - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

quoteI do enjoy reading every issue of your "Wayfarer." Thank you.
Janet Aronson - Ashburn, Virginia


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