Day 1: February 21, 2022

Posted on February 23, 2022

We started our quest to visit all 251 Vermont towns today.


Today we visited:

  • Duxbury
  • Moretown
  • Waitsfield
  • Fayston
  • Warren
  • Granville
  • Hancock
  • Ripton


Couple Lessons Learned:

Don’t try to cover 8 towns in one day. We didn’t feel like we could really get out and explore or backtrack if we missed something. Next outing, we will be more flexible and try to visit less towns.


Our plan was to try and get a souvenir at every General Store we visit on our trips. Something like: key chain or shot glass, etc. The first General Store we stopped at only had t-shirts and sweatshirts which seemed too pricey. So as we were checking out, I noticed they sold lottery tickets. I suggested we just pick-up a lottery ticket at every General Store we visit. So we bought a $5.00 Big Country Cash ticket. When I got back in the car, I started doing the math in my head and said to Barry, “Yeah. I think we are not buying lottery tickets at each stop. At $5.00 a pop, that’s going to be wayyyyy out of our budget!” Side Note: The lottery ticket was a loser. 🙁


So Far, For Each Town, We Have Decided To Get Photos Of:

  • The “Welcome To” Signs
  • The Post Offices
  • Any Covered Bridges
  • Any General Stores
  • Any Churches, Gazebos, etc.
  • Anything of Note In Each Town (i.e. The Robert Frost Sign in Ripton)


We decided that we will always have a meal out, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, on our 251 outings. Today we ate lunch at: Toast and Eggs in Waitsfield.


Notes for future reference:

  • Duxbury: good foliage run tracing the way we went
  • Duxbury: only municipality in the U.S. with an elected dogcatcher
  • Lots-O-Balls: miniature golf south of Duxbury on Rt. 100




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