Posted on August 11, 2021

Karen and I passed through Danville on our way to the Northeast Kingdom Byway. We stopped at Hasting’s Store a place I had been last year in search of Soldier Beans. Hastings was previously written about in Yankee Magazine. The store contained a variety of goods to include fresh baked goods.

Danville is also the home of Joe’s Pond or “Sozap Nebees” as the Indians called it. It is called Joe’s Pond after a Coosuck Indian who lived on the Islands in the pond for a time. The pond is said to be the largest body of water to be called a pond in Vermont. The dam which controls the level of Joe’s Pond is owned by Green Mountain Power

Hastings Store/US Post office, Joe’s Pond Craft Shop, Joe’s Pond, West Danville Footbridge, Monument Lone Sentry of Joe’s Pond

First visited on 2021-07-13

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