East Haven

Posted on January 15, 2024

East Haven is a diamond shaped parcel of land. Rt 114 runs north and south through a small western portion of the town. It is there that lies a concentration of the towns population, along with the municipal buildings and post office. Most of the land is undeveloped.


It has beeen a busy few months. This was supposed to be a weekend that we were going to take Amtrak to Brattleboro for a weekend get away.

Instead God had us visit a resident at Teen Challenge in Johnson on Saturday. The weather had me stay close to home on Sunday. Martin Luther King Day gave us an extra day, so we ventured out with our snowshoes / picnic basket and a mission to pick off East Haven.

We didn’t do much here. We traveled up Mountain Rd and until we got to Radar Rd which was marked private. Radar road leads to an old Airforce base which I read is inhabited by militia types. I took picture of the tiny post office and a babbling brook.



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