Posted on August 17, 2023

Guilford is in the Southeast part of Vermont. It’s square shaped border helps make up the border between Massachusetts and Vermont. I 91 and Rt 5 run along its eastern border.


We have only been through this town a few times. Our first real visit was with Chuck n Sue in Sept 30, 2017 when we visited Green River Covered Bridge. It is by far my most favorite covered bridge because of the wooden dam and surrounding houses and Inn. We took the back way into the bridge.

8/16/2023. While exploring Halifax on Jacksonville Rd, we needed to find our way to Rt 5 to head home. Once again we came across the Green River Covered Bridge. We took more pictures. From there we found Rt 5. We took a picture of a church on a hill before stopping at Guilford Country Store on Rt 5. We sat and hand delicious sandwiches for dinner before taking the slow ride home.

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