Posted on August 17, 2023

Whitingham is another square shaped town with Massa chusetts as it’s southern border. Rt 100 runs diagonally to the northeast corner and then makes a hard turn to the southwest in the township of Jacksonville. At that corner Rt 112 shoots off and heads to Halifax. The southern half of Harriman Resevoir lies in This town. Sandawaga Lake looks like a great lake to explore with our kayaks as well.


8/16/2023. First time in this town. We have never been this far south on Rt 100. Stopped at Jacksonville General Store for coffees, directions and to water Tucker. Got some good intel from the cashier that took us to Readsboro.

In the actual town of Whitingham lies a quaint little village consisting of a church, town hall, 1 room schoolhouse, a antique store / post office inside an old general store and some houses.  Stopped and took some pictures.



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