Posted on August 16, 2023

Wilmington is another square parcel of land in south central Vt. Rt 9 runs east to west throgh the center of town. Famous Rt 100 comes down the center from a north-south direction and crossin the middle of town. The huge Harriman Resevoir lies within Wilmington.


Wilmington is one of our favorite towns. In October 2010 Ann n I had our first official dinner together in Wilmington after realizing we were seeing each other exclusively for months. It was our first of many Rt 100 trips.

In 2011 Hurricane Irene distroyed the town with flooding. See photo album Ann organized a food drive with a church in town. Our little band of refugees from New Creation Christian Fellowship received and delivered $2,000 worth of food.

During our visits we have had breakfast at Dot’s and the Cup and Saucer. We have walked the town and visited many of the stores.

8/16/2023 is the first time Ann and I have been through Wilmington together since joining the 251 Club. Sinnce we have been to this town many time and have done many things, we were happy to just drive through and check the town off our list.






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