Posted on August 10, 2023

Putney is a rectangualr parcel of land that resembles Tennessee. It is another town in the Connecticut River Valley. I 91 and Rt 5 runs paralell with the Connecticut River in a north-south direction.


We lived in Putney while dad worked on the Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in Vernon. We stayed in the camper on land we rented from someone. It was near an abandoned rock quarry where all the hippies swam baliki bear ass. We have tried to find this place a couple of times. On one occasion we stopped and ate at the Putney Diner and tried to get directions. I have very vague memories of eating there. Ann remembers us eating at a Scotish Pub just outside of town on another occasion. I have since learned that there is a yurt for rent in the area where I think the quarry is. I have yet to check that out. As a kid we visited Santa’s Land USA. On one trip through town, we stopped to take pictures of us by the sign


8/6/2023 We drove through town on our way back from a Foreigner concert in Mansfield Mass. There was a small concert about to start on the town green. Judging by the flyers it appears that the town is very cultural, as we saw ads for Celtic plays. I think the town is still influenced by Landmark college. Putney General store was open but we regretfully did not make time to stop. I hope to get more pictures on our next visit.


8/16/2023 Stopped at Putney General Store and Phoenix Gifts. We were coming back from our southern tour, after spending the night at Chuck n Sues and deciding not to go to Maine for Ann’s birthday. It was a rainy day. Both were great stores



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