Posted on August 2, 2023

Maidstone is an odd shape parcel of land that has the Connecticut River as it’s eastern boundary. Rt 102 follows that boundary and runs north and south.

My first recolection of Maidstone is when Ann n I visited the State Park beffore opening season, and took pictures of campsited as a photo intern. It inspired us to camp there one day

It may have been in 2014 that we treated Paul n Sheila to a campsite and camped with them for a weekend. I used the camera Ann bought from Paul to take pictures for the State Parks. Paul was kind enough to be my photo subject. I cad fun taking pictures and was pretty successful on that weekend.

7/29/2023. Mike n Kimberly helped us pick off towns by driving us around in their Jeep. We traveled up to the State Park. and then took Paul Stream Rd. trying to get back to Mike n Kim’s house. The road is a snowmobile trail in the winter time that Mike travels. It is a buatiful road through woods that follows Paul Stream. We got all the way to Ferdinand when we came across a bridge with a hole in it. An alternate route had a gate acroos it so, we had to turn around. We want to come back in the fall.




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