Posted on July 23, 2023


Springfield is another square piece of land that has the Connecticut River as it’s eastern border. I 91 and Vt Rt.5 run parallel together with the Connecticut River which runs north n south. Rt. 106 runs diagonally north n south through the town and. begins or ends at Rt.5. Rt 143 comes in off of Rt 5 and leads to town. Further south, Rt 11 starts or ends in Springfield at Rt 5 as well and runs east n west.

I have been here many times for different reasons. I helped a friend purchase and register his vehicle here. Visited that same friend at SESCF. Delivered vaccines to SESCF as well.


7/22/2023. We had picked off all the towns we set out to get while camping at Mt. Ascutney. On Satimurday we had time to get Springfield. We drove through the former industrial town which is very nice. A river with several dams and falls make it very beautiful. That is partially what drew us to a burger stand by the river. The river was raging due to several severe rain storms over a week + time. This is a town Ann n I could stand to explore more.



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