Posted on July 23, 2023

Weathersfield is another square peace of land that has the Connecticut River as it’s eastern border. I 91 and Vt. Rt.5 run paralell with the river in a north – south direction.  Rt 131 starts or ends at Rt 5 at a more northerly position and runs east to west and crosses Rt 106 on the western side of town. Rt. 106 runs north to south.


In August of 2018 we camped at Wilgus State Park and used it as our base camp for our covered bridge tour with Chuck n Sue. We arrived a day earlier to paddle the Connecticut River.  There are a few covered bridges in town including Downers Covered Bridge located at Downers Falls in the northeast corner of town.


While waiting for the torrential rains to sieze, so that we could camp at Mt. Ascutney, we drove through town and discovered Stoughton Pond Recreation area. The pond was closed do to extreme flooding. The next day we discovered Wellwood Orchards where we picked up some honey sticks, and some blueberries.


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