Posted on June 18, 2023

Norwich is a diamond shape parcel that has the Connecticut River as it’s eastern border. Rt 5 and I91 run along the river in a north / south direction


We missed visiting Norwich when we did our Rt 110, to Rt 132 to Rt 113 loop that included Orange, Chelsea, Tunbridge, Strafford, Fairlee, East Fairlee and Vershire on 4/20/2023.

For Fathers Day I thought it would be a good day to skip church and pick off this town. Norwich is known for the Montshire Museum. It would be wrong if we didn’t stop in. Since Lexi was expecting to be with us, it would be wrong not to bring her to such a hands on museum! We packed a lunch and brough Tucker along for the ride and made a day out of it.

We want to go back and visit King Arthur Flower where I am told that they make some good sanwhiches.

7/21/2022. Stopped in to King Arthur Flower for a noontime sandwich before camping at Ascutney State Park. It was worth the stop!

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