Posted on April 20, 2023


Washington is a diamond shape parcel in the middle eastern part of Vt. Rt. 110 runs north and south on the western part of town. Rt. 110 starts at Rt. 302, south of Barre Town and winds through a small valley that seems to start in Washington. The Jail Branch Brook runs along side it and adds to the beauty as you ride into town from that direction. Before town, Ann spotted an American Bald Eagle perched in a tree above the road. I stopped to get pictures. In the center of town we stopped at Washington General Store. We were greeted with such quick smiles as we entered the store that it nearly caught me by surprise. I had a brief conversation and laugh with the ownner as I fixed myself a coffee. We bought Tucker a bisquit for our road trip. I hope to stop there again.



I got deployed there to aid in the flood damage on Rt. 110. We hauled mud and debris to a farm and garage on Lowery Rd. It turns out to be where the racing Donahue’s live. I had a good conversation with John and his wife before leaving. I was stoked to meet the famiy I grew up watching race. Very nice people. I stopped at the Washington General store and it didn’t seem the same as when Ann nI first visited. 🙁





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