Posted on November 13, 2022


Went in search of this “town” while car camping at Somerset Resevoir. None of the foerstry roads off of Rt 9 seem to reach Glastenbbury. I chose to come in off of Rt. 7a in Shaftsbury and use Glastenbury Rd. The road did not go as far as I thought. It continued into private property but I wanted to respect the owner’s wishes. I won’t be completley satisfied in checking this town off until I have done the day in / day out hike to the fire tower, which I could vageuly see from Somerset Resevoir and Rt 7. I would also like to see the remnants of the industry that once took place up there.


10/8/2023 While cacamping  Grout Pond with Ann n Tucker, we took a road that I missed a year ago. FR 325 is just behind the Runway Campground. Ann n I followed it 3.5 miles before turning around. I took a screen shot of the GPS to prove we were in Glastenbury. Found some good campsites along the way. Forestry map says that FR 325 connects to Fr 83 and returns to FR 71.

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