Posted on August 12, 2022

Groton lies on Rt 302 which runs East n West from Barre, Vt. to Portland, Me. It is in the most southern part of the NEK.

My earliest memories of Groton are from camping at Ricker Pond State Park as a kid. Site 8,  near the pond and pavilion was our favorite site.

Ann and her family camped there too, and their favorite site was 8 as well.

Groton is made up of mostly State Forrest and 7-8  State Parks. Together Ann n I have camped at Ricker Pond, Kettle Pond, Big Dear and have enjoyed Boulder Beach and Owl’s head many time while there.

One of our first memories together is climbing Owl’s Head in the winter and making the pavilion our base camp for warmth and nourishment. Later that afternoon, after sliding down Owl’s Head, we hiked around Kettle Pond, and nearly got lost in the dark.

We have paddled out to one of Kettle Pond’s remote camping sites and stayed for seven days. We watched the Loon’s raise their baby and had one of the best times together. David joined us for part of it as well, which was fun also.

Patrick joined us at Big Deer for a weekend. It was one of the first time camping with him.

We have been to Ricker Pond too many times to count. We have camped alone, with mom, David, Heather’s family and with Chuck n Sue. Let’s not forget bringing Mia for her first canoe ride! We have used Ricker Pond as our base camp while doing one of our covered bridge tours.

Ann helped me to discover the jungle rope across from the beach. I did not know about the brook and the nice little spots to swim in, or the dam that separates Lake Groton from Ricker Pond. I didn’t even know about the store within the parks.

We have hiked it’s many trails together and separately. Most of this was done while being a photo intern for the Vt State Parks. Many of my photos were used in various media outlets.

Outside of the park we have always enjoyed visiting the Upper Valley Grill and General Store. A family favorite for Charleston Chews. While with Chuck n Sue, we attended a church supper which was cool. Chuck n Sue loved it so much that they I influenced one of their kids to buy a camp in Groton, which we have visited.

It is a place that we will continue to visit.

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