Posted on April 29, 2022

Rt 2 and 100 intersect in Middlesex. Driving through had been the extent of our visits. After finding the town sign, we decided to try and find Middlesex Center, just to say we did more than drive through and capture the sign. We discovered a whole new world that we didn’t expect. We discovered a huge cemetery on Center Rd., where we turned around at, only to discover Middlesex Notch and Wild Life Management Area. Some camping is allowed in the WLMA. On Rt.2 is Camp Meade which has redefined itself from a military museum to a social hub of sustenance. We hope to visit it someday. We also discovered a tent church that seems to be a permanent place of worship.

2/19/2024 stopped in at the Red Hen Baking Co. for a danish while getting the last 2 towns for the 251 Club. We have been wanting to stop there for a while. It was well worth the wait. Delicious food and we love what they stand for.