Posted on August 11, 2021

Fletcher is a strange shaped triangle parcel of land that has no State roads thar go throuh it.

Drove here to get a picture of town sign and Metcalf Pond. Took swimming lessons at Metcalf Pond when I was a kid. Rode my bike from Fairfax to my friend George Miller’s house. Aunt Sharon was married in the only church in Fletcher (Binghamville) and I was the ring bearer. Allen is buried at the graveyard there. Steve and Lynne Smith used to live on Pond Road and we like to visit them there.


10/3/2023. Finally got to paddle Metcalf Pond. What a hidden gem! It was so peaceful there and everyone we encountered was so kind and friendly. Folks on a pontoon boat asked us if we wanted cheese n crackers. We should have stopped in!. We saw an eagle hunting for fish or Loons. We were told the male loon had left the pond. We spotted the female and her offspring as we paddled by. We explored the whole pond and its camps. This will probably be our last paddle together for 2023.



Metcalf Pond

First visited on 0000-00-00

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