Posted on August 11, 2021

I Went to VTC for a summer program while in the 8th grade. Met my twin there. Years later we were stopped at a restaurant and I was mistaken for him. We have seen Robin Mark at the Chandler Music Hall. We have visited all 3 of the covered bridges with Chuck n Sue. Uncle Roger is buried at the Veterans Cemetary.

9/3/2022 We found the town sign on Rt.12

3/26/2023 We decided to visit Silloway Maple and Wood’s Vt Syrup Co during a state wide open house for suguarhouses. We sampled a lot of good stuff.



VTC, Gifford, Braley, and Kingsbury Covered Bridges, Veterans Cemetary, Chandler Music Hall.

First visited on 0000-00-00

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