Posted on August 11, 2021

Jamaica is a mostly square town. Rt 30 runs diagonally through it. Rt 100 intersect with Rt 30 in the south eastern corner

Ann n I did a spontaneous road trip with Mia and found ourselves camping at Jamaica State Park in May of 2018. The following blog entry describes our adventure.


In September of 2021 while delivering Covid vaccines  for the State, I drove through Jamaica and took a picture of the town sign which was later used in a piece about the 251 Club that aired on CBS Sunday Morning. I wasn’t going to stop to take a picture because Ann wasnt with me, but something made me turn around and take it. Now I know why.


10/7/2023. It’s official! Ann n I finally went through Jamaica together since joining the 251 Club. We can now check this town off our list. We purposely drove through on our way to car camp at Grout Pond in Stratton. We stopped for a coffee at Ungrounded Coffee and briefly talked with a young man who had just quit drinking. I felt like we were a “Well” for encouragement for the young man.


  • https://photos.app.goo.gl/z2yCFNU8LuPCoQM9A


Jamaica State Park

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