Posted on August 11, 2021

Explored and car camped Forestry Road 55 with The FJ on our Route 100 car camping trip. 1st time for both. Very busy tourist weekend. Grabbed the last site. Rocky n muddy entry. Beautiful spot on Clark Brook. Cold n rainy night. Got creative with tarps n bungi’s. Challenge getting out after rain. More team building for Ann n I. Also had a picnic at Granville Commons on 10/11 before heading to Chittenden Reservoir for last kayaking of the season


Explored more forestry roads near our original camping spot during our 2022 fall car camping trip. Beautiful remote sites overlooking the mountain range. Hope to camp there someday


We purchased a Christmas tree permit through the National Forestry Service. South of Moss Glenn Falls at a pull off is where we conveniently found our tree. Ann n I spotted it at the same time. I think we have found a new tradition.

Green Mountain National Forest, Moss Glenn Falls


First visited on 2020-10-10

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