Posted on August 11, 2021

Glover is a diamond shape parcel with a little jag in the southwest corner. I 91 runs North n South and traces the inside border on the easter corner, Rt 16 also runs North and South on the more eastern side of the town. Rt 122 intersects with Rt 16. 122 starts or ends at 16 and runs East and West.

On this day we drove through. There used to be a cool general store with stuffed wild animals. It has been sold and it looks like it is being remodeled.

7/3/2021 While camping at Mike n Kimberly’s in Newark, and driving through Glover, we stopped at The Museum of Everyday Life. After that we stopped at a pull off on Rt. 16 that described what happened to Runaway Pond. We had lunch in the pull off.

Bread and Puppet Theatre, Museum of Everyday Life. Run Away Pond

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