Posted on August 11, 2021

Been here too many times to count. Rode our bicycles to Enosburg on MVRT, Portage in and out from NFCT, picnic in the park with Ann, short lived waterfall tour with Chuck n Sue. On this day, I preached at Abundant Life and headed out for our foliage / 251 club tour

2/28/2023. After 3 years, Ann n I finally got Covid. On the 2nd day of staying home from work, I got stir crazy. I Opted to take Tucker for his first winter hike. I had never been to the Enosburg Town Forest on Longley Bridge Rd. It is a 1.25 mile hike with some elevation change. The pooch and I spotted 2 coyotes hunting on a ridge. One of them was huge and grey. It was a challenging hike with all the snow on an unfamiliar trail. Tucker loved to sniff and pulled a bit, but overall he was a pretty good boy.


9/29/2022. During a revival ministry conference at Abundant Life, Ann and I took Curt Willey to Kathy’s Tavern at the Quincy Inn on Depot St. Its there that we realized that we are related. Curt’s wife’s sister married Chet Parsons whom I have yet to meet. Once again proving what a small world we live in


Abundant Life Church, part of NFCT and Missisquoi Valley Rail Trial. Enosburg Town Forest

First visited on 2020-09-27

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