Posted on August 11, 2021

Ann n I have been to Dorset before joining the 251 Club. I have attended an AA meeting and spent the night at the Wilson House. I have visited Bill W’s grave site ( twice ) and have hiked a trail behind the Wilson House. Ann n I have camped at Emerald Lake State Park. Patrick and Jameson came down and visited us before meeting Ari for the first time.

5/29/22 Chuck n Sue drove us to Dorset, where we walked the marble sidewalks on Church Street. Dorset Inn is on the corner and Dorset Union Store across the street that was not open. H.N. Williams store is another store we want to visit when it is open. We also checked out the Quarry Park which is really cool.

12/3/22. We did a shiretown tour with Chuck and Sue. While in Dorset and East Dorset we visited the Bill Wilson House. I got very emotional. I think the inn keeper recognized it and gave us a key to the house his grandparents owned and grew up in. It was a special God given moment. We also visited the Dorset Inn and the Dorset Union Store. The store owner ( I think ) was fun talking to.


Emerald Lake State Park

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