Posted on August 11, 2021

Belvedere is a parcel of land that looks like a home plate on a baseball diamond. Rt 109 runs diagaonaly through it in a north – south direction and meets with Rt 118 that runs east – west.

Been through here many, many times. Ann and I hiked the 11 mile round trip to Belvedere Mountain fire tower from Rt 118 in Novenber of 2015.  It was a cold and windy day. We also visited 2 covered bridges on our covered bridge tour with Chuck n Sue. This day, we drove down Newton Valley Rd, just past the Eden / Belvedere town line. We were looking for moose. The road is gated after a mile in. We didn’t see a moose but we found a camping spot near a stream.


Visited Randy Adams who was up from Florida visiting family in Belvedere. We had a class reunion of the “Fearsome Foursome”. It was the first time we had been together in over 30 years.


It was Bennington Battle Day, and I had the day off. It was a beautiful day and I had not been for a hike since hiking Camels Hump with Anthony. I spotted Laraway Mnt. while sweeping the roads for the State. It looked to nice not to toss it into my bucket list. Met some reaaly cool people at the summit


Ann and I visited the town’s public field where they hold the blue grass festival. On this day we attended Gary Brown’s wedding / pig roast. It was the only wedding I have been to where they handed out whiskey shots. From there we officiated a wedding at the Abbey in Sheldon. Busy day!


Morgan and Mill covered bridges

First visited on 2020-09-27

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