Sandbar to Knight Point

Posted on June 20, 2022

Last week, I described my section biking journey around the Lake Champlain Islands to my friend Mark.  He suggested that I join the 251 club, so here I am!  I have joined! It is very exciting to know about this community, and I hope to meet great people and learn many interesting things along my 251 journey!

Today I biked from the Sandbar to Knight Point.  It was a short biking day because it was also the very first federal observance of Juneteenth and Father’s Day!  During the last month I have often taken one entire day to explore each island (rather than just pedaling through).  I consider today’s ride as an introduction to biking Grand Isle (and surrounding area).  I will return to the area to explore more – and take the bike ferry!  I can’t wait!

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